All Eletronic MINI Cooper SE Now Available In SA From R642 000

The All Eletronic MINI Cooper SE Is Now Available In SA From R642 000! The first all-electric MINI heralds a supercharged evolutionary step that fuses MINI go-kart feeling and iconic design.

At traffic lights the all-electric MINI gives you that full torque, immediately. Whereas a petrol engine has to build up a number of revs to generate torque, and route that power through the transmission before it reaches the wheels.

So the moment they go green and you press the accelerator pedal, the torque kicks in instantly to deliver thrilling agility and stirring acceleration. Dynamic yet gentle, the all-electric MINI offers you an entirely new driving experience. The near silence you enjoy takes the stress out of city driving. So you can focus on the essentials like how good your music sounds on the Harman Kardon-designed hi-fi system.

You can drive your all-electric MINI almost entirely with just one pedal for both accelerating and braking. The motor is directly coupled to the wheels, so when you lift your foot off the pedal, it works like a generator and lets the all-electric MINI slows down more quickly than a petrol-powered car would. You put some power back into your battery every time you come to a stop at the next set of traffic lights.

The all-electric MINI is so quiet that we had to install a noise-emitting acoustic protection for pedestrians to warn other road users of its presence. There’s no need to rev your motor and apart from a faint hum when you accelerate, the only noise comes from outside. And only then at speed.

You don’t actually need any complex installation or unit to charge at home. All you have to do is plug in to any conventional household power socket – and relax.

Surveys shows the average commuter uses less than 20% of the MINI Cooper SE battery per day. Even if you use your normal domestic electric socket, this 20% is charged in approximately 3 hours. The standard charging cable and adapter is, of course, included with your new all-electric MINI.

With an optional Mode 3 cable, you can charge anywhere you park. While you can always use your standard charging cable at home or on a holiday trip, the premium quality MINI Wallbox offers you a convenient, faster alternative for daily charging at home. 

Figures can vary, of course, but a dedicated, 3-phase 11 kW wallbox connection will generally give you up to 3-times faster charging time. So your all-electric MINI can be fully charged within around 3.5 hours. 

To install a wallbox, you will need the expert assistance of an approved electrician. If you are interested in installing a MINI Wallbox, your MINI Retailer will help you locate an installer.

Get this All Eletronic MINI Cooper SE Now Available In SA From R642 000

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