Airlines cull South Africa’s routes as virus surges

A number of international airlines have streamlined flights to South Africa following the travel restrictions announced for the level 3 lockdown.

The travel restrictions were made to try to limit the spread of the new Covid-19 variant as it is said to be more transmissible. This is also why a growing list of countries are limiting travel to and from South Africa.

Emirates announced a 13 day halt on all South African routes for ‘operational reasons’.

The Dutch government restricted travel from South Africa to Amsterdam; this led to KLM being forced to cancel several flights this week.

Lufthansa also told AFP that it was adjusting its flight program to South Africa due to the reduced demand.

The cancellation of flights comes from the worrying resurgence in South Africa’s Covid—19 infections, that forced the government to impose a new set of restrictions for the level 3 lockdown.

South Africa has recorded the highest positive Covid-19 on the continent with close to 1.3 million cases and 35 500 fatalities since March 2020. More than 240 000 infections and 6000 deaths have been reported in January alone.

The worrying numbers provide an understanding as to why these airlines are restricting travel to and from South Africa and South Africans should take heed of the surge and obey the new travel restrictions.

By Thomas Chiothamisi 

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