How Everlytic Became South Africa’s Fastest Growing Tech Company

How Everlytic Became South Africa’s Fastest Growing Tech Company. Everlytic’s culture is steeped in kindness, teamwork, and a commitment to personal growth. It’s no wonder the company uses the same principles to build software that supports and grows businesses too.

In 2010, Everlytic was born; the bulk email and SMS marketing platform for marketers from all industries to communicate better with customers. Since then, it has developed its software into the sophisticated multi-channel marketing and automation tool it is today, with over 70 staff members in offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Everlytic is a level 3 BEE contributor and its software is 100% South African, built by its team of talented software engineers. The company has been ranked the fastest growing tech company in South Africa and the third fastest in Africa by Deloitte. Everlytic was also nominated as a Top 10 finalist in PWC’s 2015 Vision to Reality Awards and voted one of the Most Promising African Technology Companies by CIO Review in 2020.

Everlytic is a digital marketing software for every industry. The company’s platform adapts to various requirements, here’s how some of the industries that use Everlytic do it. They send personal, location-specific messages to guests when they book for or arrive at the destination. It sends meaningful messages to its client’s most engaged shoppers, so they keep coming back to their store. It can also turn their client’s agency into a digital-communication powerhouse with Everlytic’s messaging platform.

“Everlytic has allowed us to remain being the experts in travel. Everlytic is the expert in email marketing, so the relationship has worked really well together and it has enhanced our marketing above anything we could imagine. Everlytic fits perfectly with Pentravel because we believe that our clients are everything and you can see for Everlytic their clients are their everything”. said Angela McErlean; Marketing Co-ordinator of Pentravel on Everlytic’s website.

“The biggest difference on email delivery compared to our previous email platform is that there is a report for a whole Master List under a List Group. This shows high level delivery. We can identify which targeted bases have a higher bounce rate and track a specific member’s behaviour i.e. opens, clicks & bounces.” Ilze Stockton Marketing Executive of RCI told Everlytic on the company website.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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