Amanda DuPont Announces Yet Another Milestone For Her Lelive Africa Brand

Amanda DuPont Announces Yet Another Milestone For Her Lelive Africa Brand. South African actress and entrepreneur Amanda DuPont too to Instagram to announce that her brand Lelive Africa will now be available to order on Takealot, she acknowledged the growth of her brand since she launched it in 2020 and thanked her supporters for helping her reach such a milestone.

The post read, “ skincare is now available to shop on @takealotcom  the community is growing so much, thank you for your support!!!” This comes after she announced that the brand would also be available at Wellness Warehouse stores across the country.

Being accessible on Takealot will introduce Amanda’s brand to new customers that and attract exist in g ones to shop there too because of  the convenience it provides as they can place an using their phone. The company’s product range was developed by expert formulators alongside the company’s dedicated community on social media to create skincare that’s truly made by Africa. Lelive’s mission is to make skincare that is clean, simple, effective and affordable while celebrating what makes Africa unique.

Its entire range has been formulated to be kind to its clients and the environment. Its ingredients which according to the company are 95% natural and up to 5% plant-identical are sourced responsibly with local ingredients being celebrated throughout its range, and it’s packaging which is mostly aluminum due to its recyclability, it avoids the use of plastic wherever possible.

Amanda is set to make a success of her beauty brand and with the business moves she is making, the brand is bound to grow even bigger and reach much more success in the future. There are many celebrities that are venturing into entrepreneurship, this is because most of them have realised that having multiple streams of income is a secure way of gaining financial freedom therefore diversifying what they do will always be better for maintaining their livelihoods.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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