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Celebrating a fierce entrepreneur, Nokwanda Mchunu of Pink Print Produce

Youthpreneur Nokwanda Mchunu of Pink Print Produce has achieved quiet a lot at a very young age and continues to blossom.

Pink Print Farm Produce is a small meat produce business in Mapumulo, Kwa-Zulu Natal that was founded by the vibrant and fierce, Nokwanda. 

At just 25-years-old she recently opened in her first high end premises– two years after she launched her business out of a family house.

Nokwanda knew from an early age what she wanted to be when she grew up. She has never had interest in anything else but farming. 

“I’ve always had an interest in farming, I remember from grade 4 I knew I wanted to farm, and in grade 9 I asked my parents to change the current school I was in to attend an agricultural high, followed by an agriculture college. says Nokwanda. 

“Because I knew what I wanted it was just a matter of developing my skills and getting more knowledge.”

She is passionate about providing affordable, healthy meat products to the people and families in her community.

“Pink Print Farm Produce’s meat products are sure to put a smile on your family’s faces. We use a super-secret spice mixture that makes meat mouth-watering,” says Nokwanda.

For Nokwanda taking part in the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme has helped her make some important changes to her business.

“These changes including, receiving new equipment and getting help launching a new premise, which has been made possible by the Tholoana programme,” says Nokwanda. 

The SAB Foundation Tholana Enterprise Programme is an initiative is aimed at youth in rural areas, as well as at entrepreneurs who have a disability and who show potential and commitment to grow a business and create jobs. The two-year business support programme provides participants with seed-funding and assistance with access to markets.

After a discussion with her mentor. They drew up a growth plan and agreed that a new premise was needed for the business. 

This was because one of the biggest constraints for the business was due to small work equipment, and getting bigger equipment meant a bigger space.

“Nobody knew were we were located for the longest time, because at that time I was working from a space the size of a garage at home.”

So now that we are in an open space, we are being spotted by a new customer, people do drive-ins to see our new premises, business is booming,” says Nokwanda. 

Nokwanda praises the triumph of her business to her young team of workers and their dedication to its success

“Firstly, I cannot go without recognising my team. I’ve got people who don’t treat my business as just a work environment but treat my business as something that also belongs to them.”

“I have workers that hold my best interest at heart and who are always willing to go the extra mile, it’s more of a community, my major role play in this business are my workers,” says Nokwanda 

Nokwanda’s advice to the youth and young entrepreneurs is “For young entrepreneur to have the confidence within themselves, that will drive you to do your best,” says Nokwanda.  

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