10 Things you should know about SE Preggoz

SE Preggoz is a brand founded by Enhle Mbali. Here are 10 Things you should know about SE Preggoz.

  1. SE Preggoz was launched as a chic maternity range.
  2. It is accessible and available online.
  3. SE Preggoz was launched in New York and South Africa.
  4. It was launched in 2015.
  5. SE Preggoz is a clothing brand with a comfort and trend base for pregnant women.
  6. The clothing line has a departure from her personal experience as she was expecting her second child at the time.
  7. She wanted to ensure that style is the last concern for soon-to-be mothers.
  8. Se Preggoz is a range that addresses issues that expecting moms face to help them enjoy her journey in pregnancy.
  9. Se Preggoz is newly established and already seeing growth with a set studio and ecommerce site.
  10. The pricing of the grey collection is accessible, with hooded dresses at R499 and pants for R299.
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