5 Must Read Books By South African Entrepreneurs: Part 1

5 Must Read Books By South African Entrepreneurs: Part 1! Penning one’s life story has become a trend from well known public figures to ordinary folks alike.

Well established entrepreneurs in particular, have indirectly amassed many followers, who desire an opportunity to pick their brains, as means of being inspired and guided as entrepreneurs themselves – even if this is achieved through a book, detailing their life story.

Some well known South African entrepreneurs have jumped on the literature wave. A page out of each book is filled with pearls of wisdom; both in the professional and private settings.

In our part one edition; Here are some empowering and impactful books by five South African entrepreneurs.

1. Vusi Thembekwayo – The Magna Carter of Exponentiality:

Esteemed motivational speaker and entrepreneur released  a book with the above title. It is still a hit with the public, as the strategies behind solid professional teams in the workplace are clearly articulated and chronicled.

2. Herman Mashaba – Black Like Me:

Businessman and politician also forms part of South African entrepreneurs that penned their story. His book is, Black Like Me details many aspects of his life, including hair products called, Black Like Me.

3. Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa- The Path to Power In South Africa:

In between his many tasks and obligations as the president of South Africa, Cyril was successful in having released a book about his journey to the top.

4. DJ Sbu – The Art of Hustling:

Many entrepreneurs look up to DJ Sbu. His book which is about hustling provides a realistic insight regarding how to go about selling your product to the market.

5. Anton Rupert:

This book received positive reviews upon its release. Not much is known about Anton Rupert, therefore those who are in possession of the book unpeeled his many layers.

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