5 Must Read Books By South African Entrepreneurs: Part 2

In the second leg of the books written by South African entrepreneurs, we delve more into how this batch of businessmen penned their journey’s of how they reached the top of the food chain.

The main driving factor for these entrepreneurs to document their life story is that, they wish to educate upcoming entrepreneurs to keep at it and endure the uncomfortable ride to the top.

Here’s part two of empowering books written by South African entrepreneurs.

Check Out Part 1 Here

6. Gayton Mckenzie – A Hustler’s Bible:

The Hustlers Bible became an instant hit with the public from the moment it landed a spot on the shelves. The book offers tools of surviving the business world.

7. Raymond Ackerman – A Sprat To Catch A Mackerel:

He might have passed on the reigns to his son but Raymond Ackerman still had some form of contributing into business, by means of writing one of his many books called, A Sprat To Catch A Mackerel.

8. Harry Oppenheimer – A Man of Africa:

Harry is another successful entrepreneur who always kept a low profile in his waking life. In his book, Man Of Africa, he shares his story about how he got to the top.

9. Donald Gordon – Larger Than Life:

Donald Gordon’s book, Larger Than Life was another game changer in business books.

10. Ronnie Apteker – Funny Business: The Secrets Of An Accidental Entrepreneur:

The comedian and entrepreneur did a stellar job with his book, where he chronicles the strategies needed to create a successful business model for IT start ups.

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Earlier this month, SLOW in the City and BrainFarm played host to entrepreneur, author and producer, Ronnie Apteker in conversation with comedian, actor and director Kagiso Lediga – two long-time collaborators who've been responsible for some of South Africa's most celebrated films. Those lucky enough to attend got to hear first-hand about their adventures behind the curtains of the South African film industry.⁣ ⁣Here's one question we asked Ronnie about what advice he'd give to those breaking into the biz for the first time.⁣ •⁣ Q: You are a successful entrepreneur, producer and author. Is there a single business principle that you can attribute to your success across these industries?⁣ •⁣ A: The secret to success lies in keeping your promises. When people can rely on you, you build trust and relationships will develop. You should always do what you say you're going to do. Do your best and try not to drop the ball – and when you do drop it, you've got to speak up because a lot of people don't. You'd be surprised. It's such a simple principle, but in my experience 99% don't deliver on their promises. It's very rare. ⁣ •⁣⁣ SpeakEasy, hosted by SLOW in the City in collaboration with BrainFarm, is a series of exclusive, intimate gatherings where two South African thought-leaders get personal about their industry experience and insights. Attendance is free of charge, with SLOW in the City members and friends of BrainFarm receiving first option on booking. To enquire about membership, call +27 (0)87 057 7482 or email⁣ •⁣⁣ #KagisoLediga #RonnieApteker #ThoughtLeader #EntrepreneurSpirit #InstagramForBusiness #SLOWintheCity #SITC #GoalGetter #Hustle101 #EntrepreneurLife #SmallBusiness #Entrepreneur #SpeakEasyAtSITC #BrainFarm

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