Media Mogul Proverb On His Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many local celebrities are riding the wave of archiving their stories in a book. Ensuring that he does not lag behind, Proverb also opened up about his life story for all to read.

In one of the chapter’s, the father of two delves into his entrepreneurial hustle, which has afforded him many opportunities hence he’s able to exhaust and monetise all of his talents.

Due to human limitations, Proverb, at times, also finds himself driving in this lane. Most creatives usually relay stories of the importance of side hustles hence the entertainment industry has gained notoriety for shady dealings and high levels of unprofessionalism.

In his latest book, which is titled, The Book Of Proverb, he wrote about how having multiple talents such as being a voice over artist, presenting, musician, MC, radio personality help his business services expand and adaptable.

One of the quotes in Proverb’s book, reads as follows:

‘What I enjoy most about being an entrepreneur is the degree of control I exert over my career. I say ”degree” because there are outside elements that influence the control you think you may have.”

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