Female Entrepreneurs and Their Kids

SA Female Entrepreneurs and Their Kids

There are several perks that come with having a wealthy mother, let alone a famous one. Such children are likely to get a quick head-start in their respective careers, than children who don’t fall under the same financial bracket as them.

Some South African entrepreneurs hardly shy away from posting pictures of their children on social media. Which serves as a good reminder that, they too are human and they love giving special shout outs to their kids – like most regular mothers.

Below is a compilation of female entrepreneurs and their children!

1. Farrah Fortune :

This PR Guru rides hard for her daughter. In many interviews, she has mentioned that her daughter is one of the reasons why she works so hard.

2. Basetsana Kumalo:

After suffering a miscarriage, Bassie didn’t allow the dark experience to deter her dreams of wanting more children. Thereafter, she gave birth to her only daughter, Bontle.

3. Amanda Dambuza:

Amanda Dambuza hardly posts about her immediate family, which consists of her husband Lonwabo and three children, on Instagram. However, this one tribute post to her son was sweet!

4. Lucille Slaffa:

Owner of Nefertiti Holdings just loves her two boys, Jamie and Jody Gumbi.

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5. Allegro Dinkwanyane:

One glance at Allegro’s Instagram page indicates just how proud she truly is of being a mother to her bundle of joy.

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