10 Lessons About Life And Entrepreneurship From Start Up Billionaires

10 Lessons About Life And Entrepreneurship From Start Up Billionaires. Starting a business can be a daunting tasks especially if one is doing it for the first time, most people are overwhelmed by the long hours that they need to put in in-order for the start up to become successful. Learning from the people who have already done it a few times brings incredible insight on how difficult it can get and how to overcome these difficulties.

Greg Isenberg interviewed 5 billionaires this week and he asked them to share some of their lessons learned on start ups, life and entrepreneurship. Here are some of the 10 things they shared with him:

A start up isn’t one idea, it’s a 1000 ideas, 100 000 decisions and 1 000 000 headaches.

You will lose some friends. Kiss most of your high school friends goodbye. Some certainties of life are: Death, Taxes and Losing friends.

When in doubt, please don’t send that angry email response, wait 24 hours or go for a walk. Anger makes one drunk and emails should be sent while sober.

Quit your job if it makes you exhausted, only if you can afford it.

Likeable people win, people sense good vibes and it can do wonders for your start up, career or life.

Constantly cut your losses, it might seem harmful in the short term but it is very lucrative in the long term.

You can’t build great products without being “at one” with the niche you’re building it for, deeply understand your niche or expect disappointments.

Enjoy the process, building a start up should never feel like a grind, always keep in mind that building a start up is a privilege.

A satisfying life doesn’t require much, just wonderful health, enjoyable work and a caring family and friends.

Success is inevitable – This is to encourage entrepreneurs not to quit as success is a guarantee when there is determination and work is put in.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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