Studio 88 Has Terminated The Sponsorship Deal With ‘Podcast And Chill With MacG’

Studio 88 Has Terminated The Sponsorship Deal With ‘Podcast And Chill With MacG’. Studio 88 has announced that it has pulled its sponsorship of the controversial podcast ‘Podcast & Chill with MacG’. The podcast has faced a lot negative comments from the public recently due to the transphobic comments that were made on the one of the episodes of the show. Studio 88 joins brands like Old Mutual in cancelling their partnership deals it had with the podcast.

According to Independent Online the clothing store said the podcast channel failed to deliver on their responsibility to their craft and their members and therefore distanced itself from the comments, the podcast and its members. Studio 88 group marketing manager,  Loren Lennox told Independent Online that they had initially offered MacG and his team a four-episode sponsorship deal after the podcasters approached them looking for new sponsors.

Podcast and Chill with MacG is widely known for covering trending and controversial subjects or topics, it is clear that the raw and uncut commentary by the MacG has offended a lot of people. Even though this is the case some of MacG’s fans have defended the podcast saying that it gives the podcast presenters freedom of speech to express how they view the world.

Lennox said that as MacG had close to 100K followers at the time, of whom the demographics married with their own, the sponsorship was mutually beneficial. Although the show made attempts to remedy the episode referred to, Studio 88 felt MacG and his team had a responsibility to both their craft and their subscribers, to whom they failed.

“The Studio 88 Group stands firmly against the harmful and offensive commentary and statements made by MacG during one of his recent ’Podcast and Chill with MacG’ episodes, as same goes against our core values and beliefs as a company group in South Africa. In light of the above, the Studio 88 Group wishes to distance ourselves completely from the aforementioned statements, podcast and its host/(s). We have, therefore, taken the decision to terminate, with immediate effect, any business/sponsorship relationship we may have with MacG,” the statement read.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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