Unitrans Is Determined To Supply Varied Logistics Services In Southern Africa

Unitrans Is Determined To Supply Varied Logistics Services In Southern Africa. Unitrans Africa is a diversified contractual logistics company serving the needs of selected sub-Saharan African markets. The company’s successful business model incorporates the design, implementation and ongoing provision of supply chain solutions for its customers. Africa presents great commercial opportunities for those with a bold vision and persistent drive to find the right way. Unitrans Africa has demonstrated this ability and an ongoing desire to leave a positive mark on the economic development of Sub-Sahara Africa, serving more than 650 million people. Unitrans Africa serves several leading global companies with its service offerings whilst building and developing mutually beneficial and trusted commercial partnerships.

Decades of fostering deep relationships have laid the foundations for a growing logistic network spanning 9 countries. Unitrans Africa moves millions of tons of goods and operates on 9 of the biggest African agriculture estates covering more than 100,000 hectares in total. Unitrans Africa’s purpose is to help build economies in Africa by providing leading supply chain solutions to business partners and stakeholders in its chosen markets. The Africa centric best practices are now also embedded into fast growing operations of mining, cement, salt and food sectors.

The overriding aim is to remain the leading supply chain partner in the chosen markets by adding significant value to clients through the provision of specialist services that enhances clients’ business objectives, either growth, reduced cost, and improved service levels or as in many cases a combination there-of.

Unitrans has been operating bulk handling equipment for most of the large mining groups. Some of the great successes include the operations of road trains in Africa for more than 35 years, having developed safe high-payload combinations using Performance Based Systems. It also transports and distributes explosives and supply ancillary mining equipment allowing for a total mining service provision.

The company’s footprint in the multi-national fuel and gas industries is also significant. Its long-term partnerships include the distribution of substantial volumes of product across Southern Africa. It also specialises in terminal management. Products being moved include: Diesel, Petrol, Jet fuel, Illuminating paraffin, Avgas, HFO, Naphtha, LPG, Industrial and cryogenic gases.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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