Moshe Capital Launched An Equity Fund Worth R350 Million To Invest In South African Companies

Moshe Capital Launched An Equity Fund Worth R350 Million To Invest In South African Companies. Moshe Capital Fund Managers, a South African private equity company, has launched an investment fund worth R350-million and is actively searching for companies to invest in. Mametja Moshe, founder, and CEO of Moshe Capital provided insight to Venture Burn about the type of companies that the private equity firm aims to invest in, “Despite economic challenges, there are several opportunities for investment and growth in various sectors such as manufacturing, industrial, mining products or services, and secondary agriculture in South Africa. We predominantly invest in established businesses with enterprise values of R200 million or more.”

“When considering investments, we look for a track record of at least three years of consistent returns and EBITDA of above R25 million,” Moshe added.  Moshe Capital was founded in 2013 as an investment and advisory business that mainly assists African companies to become global leaders. It has offices in Africa’s business capital, Johannesburg, and in London, the world’s leading financial centre.

“We believe in entrepreneurship by partnership. We are keen on businesses that provide returns on investments of more than 25% over five years or more. We fully appreciate that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the valuation of most companies, and will take that into account when evaluating opportunities.” Moshe told Venture Burn.

According to Venture Burn, the fund focuses on investing in established businesses based in South Africa and that has the potential to grow its business market into Sub-Saharan Africa and internationally. This is not limited to specific industries as the fund conducts a rigorous analysis of the company before an investment decision is made.

Moshe Capital is a Level 1 BEE firm, 100% owned and run by black women, with extensive experience in investment banking and investment. It offers a comprehensive range of advisory and investment services, including strategy formulation and implementation, operations consulting and growth activity, as well as corporate finance advisory on mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, equity and debt capital market transactions.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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