This Is The New 2022 Mercedes Maybach S 680 4Matic Sedan

This Is The New 2022 Mercedes Maybach S 680 4Matic Sedan. Foremost, the S650 is out, replaced by the S680, but just like the old S650; the S680 still denotes a twin-turbo V12. Six litres of power hides under the long hood pumping out 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, which is plenty to scoot this car around. Mercedes-Benz says accelerating to 60 mph takes 4.4 seconds; the car will almost certainly weigh over 5,000 pounds.

All of that power routes through a nine-speed automatic transmission, and this time around, it goes to all four wheels with standard all-wheel drive. The brand said 31% of torque routes to the front, while the other 69% heads to the rear wheels to create a combination of dynamic and comfortable driving. Rear-wheel steering should help the S680 be much more manoeuvrable, despite its size, too.

According to C Net, from the headliner to the seat cushions complete with diamond stitching, there’s soft, supple leather everywhere. Hand gestures can open the doors, thanks to the very intelligent MBUX infotainment system. Mercedes says it even works if a driver parks on an incline. Once in the back seat, MBUX detects the fact and automatically extends the headrests. Passengers have adaptive rear lighting, two 11.6-inch displays to watch entertainment or browse the internet on and you must opt for the optional refrigerated compartment. The Maybach comes with two silver-plated champagne flutes and matching holders built into the centre console to keep the glasses steady, even while moving. A Burmester 4D surround-sound system sits ready and willing when one wants to play music.

Prime yourself for the 2022 S680 4Matic and prepare to take out a second mortgage because it won’t be cheap. The less-powerful S580 starts at nearly $200,000. Mercedes hasn’t released the price for this one just yet, but the price will probably land when Mercedes launches the car in the first half of next year.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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