Businesses Owned By Londie London

Businesses Owned By Londie London. Londie London is a social media personality and apart from having a huge social media presence, she is an artist whose musical career has got the approval of many because of its genre. She is a romantic Afro-pop artist. It seems being in the music industry was always where she was meant to be. From a young age, she had her father who pushed her into music, and she eventually started participating in musical competitions. Her father is an isicathamiya singer and her brothers are into hip hop. She tried talent shows and the UJ idols completion while at the university. As she grew in the industry, Londie landed herself a collaboration with a Ghanaian and BET award nominee, D-Black. Working with D-Black made her realise that she could focus on music as a career. Below are some of the businesses owned by Londie London.

Laced by Londie

She owns a Lingerie line that is known as ‘Laced by Londie’ which aims to provide ladies with a sexy look and still be able to feel confident in their bodies. Laced by Londie is a lingerie online retailer for “the women” owned by brand influencer Londie Zulu (londie_london). Laced by Londie sells bras, underwear and basically all things lace. The mission is to encourage women to indulge, buy something beautiful they can feel great wearing and to embrace their womanhood whilst at it.

Fly Online Clothing Store

Ambitiouz Entertainment’s leading lady, Londie London is one talented performer who has proved countless times that she’s a musician with many talents. She also owns a clothing line called Fly, Londie’s clothing line called Fly, consists of short tight skirts and wide-legged pants, similar to her ‘Instagram baddie’ style, making it easier for her fans to emulate her style.

Lonox Jewellery

Londie London went on to study Jewellery Design and manufacturing at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). This makes sense as she also ventured into the jewellery business with her own brand called Lonox Jewellery. Londie isn’t just a talented musician but she is also a well educated businesswomen that uses her skills to build successful businesses.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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