How DotActiv Is Making In-Store Shopping An All Around Better Experience

How DotActiv Is Making In-Store Shopping An All Around Better Experience. DotActiv aims to maximise the selling potential and efficient use of valuable shelf space retailers and their suppliers need localised data-driven assortments and product layouts which truly enhance shopping experiences. To implement category management best practices businesses need the right mix of software, talent and process to achieve their category objectives. With DotActiv they can leverage the rapid deployment of deep technical and industry expertise which is powered by its proprietary category management software and proven methodologies.

After booking their free online exploratory consultation, businesses can expect the DotActiv to research and evaluate their unique context. The company will create a personalised agenda to match their business’ interests, category management goals and context. It will reach out to their clients before their consultation to share their personalised agenda. Its clients are also welcome to request any changes or additional points. DotActiv consults with its internal experts to curate and customise conversation points, content, and the presentation so that it’s in line with their personalised agenda. Depending on the outcome of its consultation, it will schedule a separate custom advisory consultation to share its proposed recommendations with them.

Each aspect of its category management services are delivered remotely and to the same high quality standard as if it has deployed a consultant on-site. The implementation, training and support services which come with DotActiv’s category management and team management software products are also delivered online.

For its client’s convenience, consultations are held through their preferred video conferencing tool. When customers prefer for DotActiv consultants to be deployed on-site, this can be arranged. DotActiv Activ8 is a team management software designed for retailers, suppliers and professional service firms who need to manage their teams across multiple work locations.

During this unprecedented time, businesses are under enormous pressure to quickly adapt to remote work models wherever possible. Activ8 will help businesses drive transparency, accountability and structured management across their teams when transitioning to the remote work model. The company also believes that everyone needs to do their part to provide solutions to help other organisations to respond to COVID-19 so they can remain both productive and profitable.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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