Telkom Partners With Ukheshe Technologies And MasterCard To Launch A Virtual Card

Telkom Partners With Ukheshe Technologies And MasterCard To Launch A Virtual Card. Telkom has launched a MasterCard virtual card for use on WhatsApp, enabling Telkom Pay customers to make e-commerce payments.

Telkom Pay is a digital payments wallet that enables its users to make and receive payments using WhatsApp on their mobile phone. With the addition of the MasterCard virtual card to the wallet, users can now make payments to local and global online merchants that accept MasterCard, including Uber and Netflix.

According to Business Tech, Telkom’s move to bring virtual cards into its Telkom Pay WhatsApp service is a result of close collaboration with MasterCard, Nedbank, and leading fintech enablement partner, Ukheshe Technologies. Ukheshe Technologies’ platform helps banks and telcos provide digital first Banking and Payment services. It delivers a SaaS based orchestration framework for its customers to build great users experiences, using its developer-friendly infrastructure. Telkom SA SOC Limited is a South African wireline and wireless telecommunications provider, operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent. Telkom is majority-privatised with it being 39% state-owned enterprise.

Telkom SA is structured under Group CEO. The retail division, including Telkom Business, Telkom Mobile, Consumer Marketing, Cloud, IT Operations, and it’s Wholesale and Networks division (Openserve). Cybernest focuses on Telkom’s newly deployed DCO infrastructure in Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, as well as services thereupon, including data hosting, LAN and application management, and managing IT infrastructure for corporate and large business customers.

Telkom was managed by US-based SBC Communications (now AT&T Inc.) from 1997 to 2004. SBC has since sold its interest in the company, after reducing operational expenditure (reducing staff resources, etc.) and increasing revenue by increased product prices, thereby increasing the share-price for greater ROI. The company is currently the market leader in the broadband space, with more than 500,000 customers on 2-40 Mbit/s DSL; it dominates the managed services market and has more than 250 corporate customers on its order book. Telkom SA operates 4.5M fixed access lines, bases on its 2008 annual report.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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