Karani Leadership Is A Start-Up Aimed At Empowering The Next Generation Of African Business Leaders

Karani Leadership Is A Start-Up Aimed At Empowering The Next Generation Of African Business Leaders. Karani Leadership’s mission is to equip all African professionals, from diverse backgrounds, with the knowledge required to lead transformatively, live freely and earn sustainable livelihoods. The company has made it its mission to be Africa’s leading inter-generational leadership development consultancy.

The company runs impactful workshops, team buildings and personalised coaching sessions for a broad range of its clients and stakeholders. It creates, customises and implements transformational entrepreneurship and professional development programmes with its clients. It engages with organisations empowering the next generation of African leaders and businesses, and equip them to design and deliver impactful strategies and programmes.

According to the company, 20th century thinking practice about effective leadership was centred around open-door policies, where good leadership was seen through how accessible they are to people. Although this was good practice that encouraged meaningful relationship building, it often cultivated a leader burnout culture in the work-place. People are now living in an age where holistic wellbeing is at the centre of meaningful work, and leaders face the odious task of being examples of what this looks like. What this means is that leaders set the tone for healthy availability and approachability, which acknowledges the value of interpersonal relationships, while at the same time establish boundaries in respect of their own work and time.

For the company, it’s not the big-name clients, eight-figured retainers or top-floor office space, nor is it the glittering awards and reputable resumes. When one strips it all down, peels off the laminated logo, disassembles the mahogany wooden table and lose the fancy titles, they are left with all they need – people.

The company delivers a year- long SDG Fellowship programme, which is an entrepreneurial accelerator designed to develop scale-ready entrepreneurs. The SDG Fellowship Programme is a year-long Pan African entrepreneurial accelerator geared towards building SMMES that aren’t necessarily scale ready, but are experiencing the first wave of business growth. The SDG Fellowship will help businesses crystallise their strategy, cultivate innovation and drive business development; while immersed within the broader and individualised African business contexts.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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