South African Rapper Youngsta CPT Reminds Fans That Ownership Is Key To Financial Freedom

South African Rapper Youngsta CPT Reminds Fans That Ownership Is Key To Financial Freedom. South African rapper and songwriter Youngsta CPT took to Instagram to remind his fans the importance of having businesses and owning brands that will create financial freedom for the future.

He reminded people that he owns his own clothing store and clothing line called Y?GEN Apparel , which put him in a position of not having to rely on other brands for sponsorships or partnerships. The post read, “I GOT MY OWN BRAND SO WOT THE FUQ CAN SPONSOR ME?? @ygenapparelcptofficial store Now online nationwide shipping available.”

Youngsta CPT is very big on inspiring the youth so that they can reach their full potential. He has stated on many occasions that he seeks to inspire people through his music and his businesses, hence he also founded Y?GEN Enterprise, which is an enterprise that is focusing on the empowerment of young South Africans, enabling a community that strengthens and enriches each other.

With the way Youngsta CPT carries himself in-terms of the music he puts out and the business deals he is involved in, he is already living his dream of giving hope to the youth that is disadvantaged as they can see that achieving one’s dream is possible as he has achieved his. Owning businesses is a way that can provide financial freedom and Youngsta CPT is the proof of this as he is able to provide for his family and create employment for other people who are also taking care of their families.

He is known for incorporating details about his Cape Malay culture and his Cape Town roots in his music. Youngsta CPT has been described as “one of the most outspoken South African emcees of this generation.” He released his debut solo album 3T (Things Take Time) in April 2018, which won Album of The Year at the 2019 South African Hip Hop Awards. Prior to the release of 3T, Youngsta CPT had released 30 mixtapes, 6 extended plays and two collaborative albums since his debut in 2010.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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