Businesses Owned By Raymond Ackerman

Businesses Owned By Raymond Ackerman. Raymond Ackerman is a South African businessman, who purchased the Pick ‘n Pay supermarket group from its founder. He purchased four stores from Jack Goldin in the 1960s. Raymond Ackerman was chairman until he stepped down in 2010. After graduating from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce, he joined the Greatermans group in the Ackermans division in 1951 at the age of 20 as a trainee manager. Ackermans had been founded just after World War I by his father Gus, but was sold to the Greatermans group in 1940. According to Entrepreneur Mag Ackerman has an estimated net worth of R16. 9 billion. Below are some of the businesses owned by Raymond Ackerman.

Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay is the second largest supermarket chain store in South Africa, and was established in 1967. It can also be found in other regions of southern Africa, including as Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Namibia, Afghanistan, Northern Nigeria, Hong Kong, Iraq, Pakistan, and Swaziland. Raymond Ackerman purchased three Pick n Pay supermarkets from Jack Goldin in Cape Town, and served as executive chairman until his retirement in 2010. His eldest son, Gareth, is the current chairman.

Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation

In 1997 Raymond and Wendy Ackerman celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Pick n Pay. To commemorate this occasion and to honour and perpetuate the name of Raymond and Wendy Ackerman, as well as to ensure the ongoing philosophy of philanthropy, the Board of Directors of Pick n Pay Stores Limited resolved to set aside a substantial sum of money to create a fund for philanthropic purposes. The Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation was duly established as a Corporate Foundation.


Boxer offers a tight range of quality products and services at affordable prices. Stores offer essential daily commodities such as maize meal, rice, samp, sugar, oil and beans, as well as perishables, health and beauty products, general merchandise and bulk-buy offers. Butcheries, bakeries and deli sections provide a choice of prepared convenience meals. There are no franchise stores under this brand. While Boxer has reach across all nine provinces in South Africa, its geographical heartland is KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Boxer will continue to grow and expand in areas where the Group knows it can serve the needs of communities through its wide product range, affordable prices and community-rooted staff.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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