How ClickBiz Is Making It Easier For Customers To Find Businesses They Need

How ClickBiz Is Making It Easier For Customers To Find Businesses They Need

How ClickBiz Is Making It Easier For Customers To Find Businesses They Need. ClickBiz was founded by Mfundo Xiniwe and Luvuyo Nyati (owned by Bokgosi Technologies a company primarily focussed on developing and implementing effective digital solutions to improve the efficiency of operations in any organisation). ClickBiz is a business listing website that specifically lists producers, manufacturers and suppliers.

In setting up ClickBiz the founders looked at the business landscape in South Africa and researched where they would position their business. There has been a rapid increase of entrepreneurship in South Africa as a result of a variety of economics and/or socio-economic factors. This brings many people into the formal business sphere and which in turn results in growth in the number of businesses. This means that there is a need for sourcing goods for self-consumption or for trading. It’s focus is on listing businesses that are producers, manufacturers and suppliers of products will constantly be on the rise. The set up of ClickBiz addresses this need by connecting producers, manufacturers, suppliers and the buyer on one platform.

Its mission is to provide a platform that makes it easy for buyers to find and connect with producers, manufacturers, and suppliers. The website will offer listed businesses a section where they can list specials and sales that they are running. This is a rate that is less than a fraction of running these on traditional media. ClickBiz also offers listed businesses opportunities to place popup adverts on the website.

For big businesses, it is easy to source supplies because they have procurement departments. For businesses that do not have a procurement department it can be more difficult, ClickBiz solves this. The company is connecting the whole value chain of procuring goods. ClickBiz is a website that lists only suppliers, manufacturers, producers thereby giving buyers an opportunity to find supplies without surfing the internet endlessly. Businesses are listed according to the categories and subcategories they operate in. As the name suggests, this is a platform where a person is only a click away from finding a business that can supply, manufacture or produce for them.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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