How Collective Intelligence Provides Fresh And Innovative Legal Solutions

How Collective Intelligence Provides Fresh And Innovative Legal Solutions. Collective Intelligence is a Black-owned legal consulting company that specialises in Intellectual Property Law and Company Law matters. Its aim is to provide practical and accessible legal services to individuals and start- up/growing businesses so that they are able to take care of maximising their business profits while it takes care of all legal aspects associated with the incorporation and the running of the business.

The company’s team is young and vibrant and provides a fresh perspective to general legal matters that hinder the progress of small businesses. It prides itself in its dedicated team who work in a professional manner to ensure that each process and matter is attended to timeously in a smooth and efficient manner. Collective Intelligence is results driven, and that is how it is able to treat every client as though they are its only client. The two main divisions it offers services in are: Intellectual Property Law and Company Law.

If clients are concerned about how to go about protecting their idea or invention, its team will assist them in finding out more information. The client’s IP is an integral part of their business, and like any other form of property, their IP needs to be protected. When starting a business, it is important to consider the fact that they want to be protected from a larger corporation stealing their idea or invention.

In South Africa Company Law is regulated by the Companies Act 71 of 2008. Starting a company can be a very overwhelming process, and more often than not, if one owns a start-up business they do not always have legal assistance at their disposal. This company aims to provide guidance on which form of business enterprise will best suit the needs of its client’s business, and it will also provide on-going legal services for the running of their company. Collective Intelligence’s dedicated team will guide clients from the date of registration of their company right into the growth of their business.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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