Drip Footwear Founder Lekau Sehoana Announces The Location For The Brand’s 17th Store

Drip Footwear Founder Lekau Sehoana Announces The Location For The Brand’s 17th Store. Drip Footwear Founder Lekau Sehoana took to Twitter to announce the next location where their next store is going to be situated. Sehoana stated that the brand will soon be opening its 17thstore at Maponya Mall in Soweto.

The post read, “Many historical events have taken place in Soweto that shaped our heritage. The next memorable one will be our 17th Store Opening at Maponya Mall! See you soon. #DrippedInHeritage” Sehoana also managed to acknowledge the rich history that Soweto has, as there are many events such as ‘The Soweto Uprising’ that occurred there that shaped the future of South Africa.

He also added that Drip opening its store in Soweto will be a memorable event as it is changing the narrative of the past events that occurred there. He seeks to empower black people, especially those who are young and living in townships to chase after their dreams. Since the inception of the brand back in 2003, Sehoana has managed to scale the business so that it becomes sustainable thus resulting in the 16 stores the brand has built and the creation of long term employment.

For Drip Footwear to be opening their 17th store amid the Covid 19 pandemic shows that the company has built a structure that has allowed it to perform optimally and to continue to grow regardless of the disturbances that the pandemic has caused for a lot of businesses. The opening of the store in Soweto signifies a lot to the company because the store will be based in a place that has a significant impact in the South African history and heritage. The company will also form a part of history when it opens the store as it will also be providing a significant and different impact in the community as it will motivate and inspire other people to pursue entrepreneurship so that employment can be created.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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