Here’s How Much It Costs To Open A Pizza Perfect Franchise In South Africa

Here’s How Much It Costs To Open A Pizza Perfect Franchise In South Africa. Pizza Perfect originated with a single traditional Pizza store in Johannesburg in 1989. When it started making pizzas the company knew exactly what its customers expected; an authentic pizza with generous amounts of cheese and only the finest and freshest toppings. Over the subsequent decades it has built Pizza Perfect into a 100 plus store franchise brand across South Africa and abroad, with an aggressive growth strategy. With the success the business has seen since its inception, it can be said that investing in a Pizza Perfect franchise can be a lucrative investment in the future.

The company requires the franchisee to pay application fee of R 10,000.00, a joining fee that is R 75,000.00.The franchisees will also be required to pay a 7% royalty fee and a 2% marketing contribution. The average set up costs for a Pizza Perfect franchise can start from R 1,100,000. A minimum 50% of set up costs in unencumbered capital is required, with the balance financed through a financial institution in form of a loan or a lease on movable assets.  The set up costs will vary depending from site to site, on the size of the outlet, the product combination, the extent of the building works required to set up the outlet, costs and market conditions. The costs that are stated above are estimated figures and not a guaranteed amount.

Pizza Perfect works together with its candidate franchisees and their prospective landlords to ensure that they secure the best location possible to open their Pizza Perfect franchise. The company ensures its franchisees are set up with a sustainably profitable business, a valuable asset and a tenant their landlords are proud to have in their centres. It also provides extensive staff and management training programmes and its dedicated team at its support office ensures their journey with the company is a long and fruitful one.

Attributes that one needs to have in order to open a Pizza Perfect franchise are to be dedicated to providing authentic Pizza Perfect pizza to their customers, be passionate about great service, be hands-on in the daily running of the store, should be committed to following the proven Pizza Perfect business model and modus operandi, they should also have sound administrative and business acumen and an ambition to be part of the successful Pizza Perfect family.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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