How Simonstown Boat Company Became The Only Whale Watching Start-Up To Be Licensed In Simon’s Town

How Simonstown Boat Company Became The Only Whale Watching Start-Up To Be Licensed In Simon’s Town. Simonstown Boat Company is the only boat operator licensed for whale and dolphin watching in Simon’s Town and because of its passion & stringent permit requirements; its tours offer a highly ethical, personal and exclusive experience. The company has shared incredible experiences with its guests from all over the world. All of its skippers have tremendous local knowledge & have spent a lifetime at sea.

SimonstownBoat Company has its own private marina with a seated waiting area and offer safe, wheelchair friendly boarding and it also has a 100% safety record. The company reiterates anyone can come and experience the wonder of False Bay and its fascinating animal inhabitants with.

Dave Hurwitz, an avid naturalist, has been watching whales and dolphins for his whole life. He started Simonstown Boat Company and has become an expert on cetacean behaviour in the bay. Dave collaborates with other naturalists and marine scientists in South Africa & abroad to further his knowledge of dolphin and whales. He has photographed some incredible natural events, including killer whales hunting dolphins in False Bay. He has also consulted & featured in documentaries produced by Discovery, National Geographic and many others both locally & internationally.

The company’s experience on how best to approach and understand these animals will give clients a memorable experience & an opportunity to take some amazing photographs. Clients will also be given a tour as they will be accompanied by the company’s tour guide that will be imparting a wealth of knowledge & interpretation of the animal’s behaviour. Simonstown Boat Company also stated that its sighting rate in 2019 was 98%! Its tour not only focuses on whales, the company often encounters Common, Bottlenose, Dusky or humpback dolphins & very occasionally, their largest cousins, killer whales. The Whale and Dolphin watching can be done on False Bay because it is animated by a fascinating community of animals that changes with the seasons.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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