Mobile Application Start-Up ‘Bakkie Connect’ Seeks To Make Finding A Bakkie For Hire A Seamless Process

Mobile Application Start-Up ‘Bakkie Connect’ Seeks To Make Finding A Bakkie For Hire A Seamless Process. Bakkie Connect has built its reputation primarily on technological advanced mobile application that provides transportation services with bakkies covering the whole of South Africa and territories in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Its mission is to invest in innovative, technological mobile applications and its vision is to provide world class delivery service, within the transportation logistics industry through advanced technological application. The company’s objectives are to grow its revenue by 30% every year, for the next five years, achieve 98% of excellent customer satisfaction rating and to lower its operating costs by 10% over the next five years.

Bakkie Connect is a company with an experienced team from various backgrounds and industries which includes ICT, Sales and Marketing, Finance, and Business Management. The company was founded by Noko Manaka who also operates as the company’s Director, he is an ambitious, goal driven individual with ICT professional background and over eight years of experience in the ICT industry, specialising in systems development, management and support. He has attained his BSC degree in Computer Science from Witwatersrand University. Currently he is studying Masters in Public Administration at University of Pretoria.

This is a logistics company that offers alternative transportation service through its mobile application. Its mobile application is scalable and user friendly. The company’s partners are afforded the platform to conduct business through its mobile application as it aims to build sustainability into every facet of its business.

This company provides a service that is indeed needed in society as many people do not have the luxury of owing their own vehicles and this becomes an issue when they want to move heavy stuff or to simply transport goods. The company also contributes to creating employment and side hustles for people who own bakkies but aren’t able to get customers that need to move their goods. The mobile application makes finding and securing a Bakkie for hire very seamless as people will have access to it via their cell phones.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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