Bathu Founder Theo Baloyi Shares Advice To Young Africans Who Are Keen On Entrepreneurship

Bathu Founder Theo Baloyi Shares Advice To Young Africans Who Are Keen On Entrepreneurship. South African entrepreneur and Bathu founder Theo Baloyi shared his advice for young Africans who are keen on venturing into entrepreneurship. Many people are keen on venturing into entrepreneurship as this is a viable way for people to accumulate wealth while also working on their passion.

In an interview on The Hustler’s Corner with DJ Sbu, Baloyi shared his advice to young people, he said, “… let’s change how we think and the best way to do that, Africa is known as a continent that is filled with so much heritage, that is why there is a hashtag going on-on social media that says ‘Africa Your Time Is Now’, because there is so much heritage, so much that the rest of the world is looking in Africa, from content creation to music to businesses to minerals and many other things. So we as Africans are duty bound to embody and take our heritage and incorporate them into ecosystems, into value chains, into products and services that the rest of the work can receive, that’s where we start.”

He continued to say, “We start local but we build for global, in everything else that we do. The days of doing business because you want to supply a Tshepo that is in Soweto or Tembisa are gone, everything else that we do we need to be intentional about who we are building it for and the market that we are building for is global, yes let’s start local, let’s push the local flag but we need to have that end picture in mind that is building for global scale so that anyone can use our products and services can embrace them so that we can actually grow and build for the world.”

The entrepreneur encourages young people to take pride in the African heritage so that they can come up with unique products and services that people all over the world would be glad to support. He shows young people that dreaming in entrepreneurship should be done at a global scale; he believes that people can start local but should not limit their potential as people around the world are interested in what Africans have to offer.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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