Coffee Brand Start-Up Monate Coffee Seeks To Provide World Class Proudly African Coffee

Coffee Brand Start-Up Monate Coffee Seeks To Provide World Class Proudly African Coffee. Established in 2017, Monate Coffee is a proudly South African brand dedicated to producing high quality, specialty African coffee. The brand is committed to sourcing and roasting coffee beans from the finest Arabica producing regions in Africa including Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. The company’s coffee boasts unique and complex flavour profiles, ranging from fruity and sweet to rich and nutty, as well as brightness, clarity, and smooth finishes.

Africa, and more specifically East Africa, produces some of the world’s most distinctive coffee, characterised by floral notes, fruitiness, wine tones and rich acidity. As far as possible Monate Coffee aims to capture and retain the natural taste profile of the bean, and achieve this by maintaining a medium roast across its range. The company’s target audience strives for black excellence and so does the company with its coffee. The company believes it’s world class brand as much as it’s proudly South African. It also believes that fact that the industry hasn’t diversified or transformed much over the years is not a deterrent but rather an opportunity. Monate Coffee’s roast profile is primarily at a medium roast which it has picked specifically to enhance the natural notes of the bean.

For those who enjoy a little bit of a kick, it has included a medium-dark blend which provides greater strength in taste without compromising the natural fruitiness of the bean. Its dark roast is reserved specifically for its decaf coffee due to the sensitivity of the bean. A darker roast allows for caramelisation, enhancing sweetness and retaining flavour. The brand’s range includes a mix of single origin coffees as well as blends, with its flavoured coffees providing a unique and aromatic twist on its traditional blends.

The company’s store is centrally located in the North of Johannesburg, where customers can find its fine hybrid concept store at Cedar Square, Fourways. Eighteen13. It’s Boutique Wine Shop and Tasting Room offers an array of South African wines to the client and Monate Coffee serves delicious blends for every preference, proudly sourced from the African continent.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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