Hair Care Brand Native Child Launches Its Hair And Beauty Bar

Hair Care Brand Native Child Launches Its Hair And Beauty Bar. Hair care brand Native Child has officially launched its hair and beauty bar salon located at Cresta Shopping Centre. The hair care brand is known for appreciating natural hair and making products that cater to natural hair so that people can be proud of their hair.

By opening a hair and beauty bar, the brand aims to make it convenient for its customers as they will be able to physically go to the salon and get their hair treatments and beauty products all in one shop and they can get them immediately as they do not have to wait for days like when they were shopping online. Having a store or salon that is located in a busy shopping centre can be a great marketing strategy for the business as this provides exposure to the hundreds of people that visit the shopping centre per day, which will translate into the sales of the business.

The brand will also be more credible and accountable as people would now have a physical place where they can go to lay complaints or simply speak to the people of the store directly. Even though online transactions are becoming more and more popular throughout the world, some people in South Africa aren’t able to access the internet therefore they can’t transact online, which makes the idea of opening a physical store much more sensible to entrepreneurs.

With the salon, the founder of the brand Sonto Pooe will be reaching more people and convincing them that they should be embracing their natural hair more as this brings less damage to it unlike when they use chemicals that will have negative long term effects. Opening a physical store is a huge milestone for any business as it shows dedication and the hard work that has been put in in order to see the store become a reality.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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