Native Child Founder Sonto Pooe Shares How Her Hair Journey Led To Her Opening Her Business

Native Child Founder Sonto Pooe Shares How Her Hair Journey Led To Her Opening Her Business. Many entrepreneurs have heir own reasons for opening a business, some just see an opportunity and take it while others are often motivated by personal circumstances that lead them to start their entrepreneurship journey.

In an interview with eNCA, Sonto Pooe the founder of hair care brand Native Child shares how her hair journey led to her opening a hair care business. She said, “uhmm I guess when I started I was my own customer, I loved my own natural hair, the texture of my own hair and I really just set out at first just to create something I love, I had an issue with a hairline. After finding something that works and trying it on my friends and family everyone wanted a piece of it, that’s how the brand initially started.”

Pooe also reiterated that she wants women to embrace their natural hair and take pride in who they are. Her hair products cater to natural hair and it seeks to enhance it so that people can be proud of their hair. She also acknowledged how more women are starting to embrace their hair journey due to such products that cater for natural hair.

Through her hair journey and her choosing to embrace her natural hair, Pooe has been able create a successful hair care brand that has been able to inspire more people to embrace their own hair journey and natural hair. Starting a business due to a personal experience pushes one to do their best in order to make the business a success due to them developing a passion for wanting to solve the problem they were facing, once they solve this problem they’ll will be eager to find other people who are experiencing similar problems so that they can help them and create a positive impact through their products or solutions.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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