DJ Zinhle Shares The Meaning Behind The Name Of Her ‘Era By DJ Zinhle’ Brand

DJ Zinhle Shares The Meaning Behind The Name Of Her ‘Era By DJ Zinhle’ Brand. South African DJ and entrepreneur DJ Zinhle shared the meaning behind the name of her ‘Era By DJ Zinhle’ brand in an interview with Soko District.

She said, “I had the option to start a brand of sunglasses or sneakers and a friend of my advised that I’d rather start a brand that sells watches because it talks so much about time, the concept of time and we just discussed the idea of time and what it means for women especially in this Era, we spoke about the world cup happening in Africa, about evolution and women finding their power in this Era, so we just thought okay let’s call it Era and use this brand to remind women of what’s possible in these times.”

Every brand out there has a significant meaning behind its name as it carries what the company or brand represents and what they believe the world is. This indicates that the brand cares about being relatable to people so that they can become a part of the brand’s journey. This will create a bond between customers and a brand as they will also identify with the brand.

The significance of the meaning behind DJ Zinhle’s brand is that it provides a brand that is in tune with what is happening all around the world. The brand shows that through its name that women should realise what is possible for them to achieve during this Era, compared to the eras of the past.

With the meaning behind the brand explained it makes sense why the DJ works so hard to make sure that the brand keeps on thriving and reaching new heights, this is to inspire a lot of women and to give them hope that they can also achieve their dreams as this era is full of different possibilities.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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