How ICT Start-Up Qubit Solutions Aims To Supply Innovative And Fresh Digital Solutions

How ICT Start-Up Qubit Solutions Aims To Supply Innovative And Fresh Digital Solutions

How ICT Start-Up Qubit Solutions Aims To Supply Innovative And Fresh Digital Solutions. Qubit Solutions Pty Ltd. was established in 2017 as a Micro and Macro systems software service provider that is operates as a private company offering various products in the ICT industry such as static Websites, Dynamic websites, Enterprise websites, Computer software, Android applications and IOS applications.

The company is a 100% black owned enterprise which complies with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment status requirements. Qubit Solutions will mainly focus on the development of apps that assist in the management of micro administration tasks that simplify the way people do their jobs on a day to day basis, e.g. administrating attendance, communication, storage and much more are examples of the little problems that we are out to eradicate.

Using innovative techniques in conjunction with its years of experience, the company is able to develop the custom software its clients desires. From corporate giants to start ups, the company can personalise a website to suit their needs. Qubit Engineering offers exceptional mobile application development services for all platforms and mobile devices. Qubit builds custom eCommerce systems from the ground up, that offer scalability, customisation and usability. Qubit Solutions builds custom machine learning models for a variety of use cases. It takes care of Data Exploration, data preparation and data cleaning.

It has a highly skilled team of engineers who have exceptional technical knowledge and years of experience using the latest software standards, tools, platforms and frameworks. This in turn means they get the highest quality of work without having to sell an arm and a leg. Every line of code the company writes goes through vigorous testing, and it does its best to deliver a seamless user experience for its clients. It provides ICT software solutions to academic institutes and the business sector.

Its goal is to ultimately become the most preferred Software Consultancy Company in Southern Africa. Qubit Solutions as a professional registered company, it develops to its employers, clients, associates and the public effectively with skill, efficiency, professionalism, knowledge, competence, due care and diligence and when it develops its software, it engages in and develops the most efficient and most effective solutions.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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