Top 5 South African Streetwear Brands

Top 5 South African Streetwear Brands

Top 5 South African Streetwear Brands. The South African fashion industry has always strives to push the boundaries and provide quality products that express the South African culture. Streetwear brands have always provided some sort of identity to South Africans, especially the youth. The fashion industry has grown to accommodate a lot different clothing styles, which made Streetwear brands gain success throughout the years. Below are some of the South African Streetwear brands.


GALXBOY is a South African streetwear brand which has its roots in the underground and rebellious youth street culture that dominates the urban centres of Mzanzi. GALXBOY is the brainchild of Thatiso Dube who is the founder and head designer of the brand. In 2008, he saw a gap in the market for a brand that was designed by the youth for the youth, in particular, Millennials as well as Generation Z. Through ambition, perseverance and teamwork GALXBOY was born.

Grade Africa

Grade Africa is a Streetwear brand that wants to set a new standard for street wear in the international arena… an African standard. Aiming to set trends and curate styles from a local perspective and Afro-centric stand point. In a world where the “Wakanda” mentality, Afro- futurism and Afro-modernismare at the forefront of global brand trends it is imperative that African brands take ownership of the African story, craftsmanship, artistry and expertise.

Loxion Kulca

Loxion Kulca is a brand that was established in Johannesburg and since its entry into to the market, the brand has been the promoting the South African popular culture. The company was co-founded by the late Wandi Nzimandei, now Loxion Kulca is considered as one of the leading authentic brands supplying most reputable retail stores in South Africa.


Butan has been commercially available since early 2006 but has its humble beginnings in 2001 when Julian Kubel, the founder of the brand, printed 20 tees for his school mates with a simple design he had sketched in his black book, but perseverance and holding onto his dream has paid off. Butan is now fast becoming one of the biggest streetwear labels in South Africa.


Established in 2015, DEAD is a premium lifestyle brand that specializes in the creation of premium streetwear garments. The company has collaborated companies such as AXE, the companies collaborated to produce items for the ‘AXEpartyoftheyear’. The products consisted of hoodies and t-shirts, which were customised according to the specs of the guests that attended the event.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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