Interview With ‘Dudu And Sipho’ Business Founders, Thabisile And Brook Mthethwa!

Interview With Dudu And Sipho Business Founders, Thabisile And Brook Mthethwa! Husband and wife, Brook and Thabisile Mthethwa are changing the narrative for African kids having created black animated superheroes named Dudu and Sipho.

Dudu and Sipho is aimed at building self respect for the African child and for them to learn authentic African stories from animated superheroes they can relate to. We recently had a chat with the founders to talk about the inspiration behind the brand, the charity work they are doing and future plans. Check out the interview below.

1. What inspired your business idea?

Shortage of black animated characters with a story.

2. What problem does your business solve?

Bringing Black superheroes that our children can identify with.

3. How does your business generate income?

Selling the products that we’re currently offering.

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4. Which are some of the challenges you face in your business?

People take time to accept change especially since the industry has been dominated by the likes of Disney and Barbie who’ve been around for decades. Finances to create the animation which is the core of the brand.

5. What is your differential?

Authenticity. We’re creating characters who will tell Afrocentric stories.

6. Are you involved in any charity work? If yes, please site a few examples.

Yes, donating of books and backpacks to the needy children and schools. 2019 – Donated 30 backpacks and 60 books to Windyheights Primary School in Isipingo when the school was celebrating 30 years. 2018 – Nqobani Primary in Marianhill was celebrating 21 sets of twins at the school.

7. Where can customers purchase Dudu and Sipho books and merchandise ?

Booksare available at Exclusive books online; Bargain books and Book Circle in Gauteng. Backpacks, cushion and other products are available directly from us. Facebook page is Dudu & Sipho.

8. Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?

To have the animation on TV. Grow our product range. Open a Dudu and Sipho shop. Do more CSI projects through the Dudu and Sipho Foundation.

9. Dudu and Sipho is a children’s book, but what makes it unique from the next children’s book one can find in a book store?

It’s a book with characters that will soon be on TV so the story doesn’t end in the book but will continue on TV.

10. Are there any prospects of expansion in the near future?

Yes, Dudu and Sipho is a global brand and will penetrate the whole African continent and soon after that the whole world.

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