10 Things you should know about Sarah Langa

Sarah Langa widely known as a big South African blogger. Here are 10 Things you should know about Sarah Langa.

  1. Sarah Langa was born February 26th, 1993.
  2. She is one of the most popular bloggers in South Africa.
  3. Her blogging niches, which comprises of fashion, lifestyle and her travels have earned her an incredible following on social media and subsequent financial returns.
  4. She was born and raised in South Africa.
  5. She grew up in Soweto Mofolo before going to the city in Observatory to attend school.
  6. Her interest in modelling developed at an early age and to pursue it, and she even tried joining the ICE model.
  7. She was rejected because her hip size did not meet the required sample size.
  8. She studied at Wit University pursuing Psychology with a minor in Marketing.
  9. She has a passion for education and has proven this by supporting students.
  10. She has numerous social work charities that have seen her support education for brilliant children born in low-income families.
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