Fundi.Digital Calls For Freelancers As Demand Exceeds Supply Of Qualified Performance Marketers!

There is burgeoning demand for skilled freelance marketers, with local companies showing an increasing appetite to outsource projects and roles to contractors. According to South Africa’s new and growing freelancer hub, Fundi.Digital performance marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists are in big demand.

Since its inception in February this year, Fundi.Digital’s network of qualified freelance marketers has grown favourably, with an average of 20 freelancers registered per month.  In recent weeks, Fundi.Digital has placed 30 pre-qualified freelancer marketers, with the majority of these being long term contracts, not once-off projects. 

Fundi.Digital’s model works because businesses are happier using freelancers via a personalised pairing system and they can highly skilled individuals at a lower cost compared to recruiting fulltime employees. For freelancers, being part of Fundi.Digital brings the opportunity to gain exposure with top tier agencies and exciting startups.

This is a call to freelance marketers to contact Fundi.Digital for more information and to sign-up on the network.

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