How Social Enterprise Start-Up Bloom Enterprise Seeks To Encourage An Inclusive South African Society

How Social Enterprise Start-Up Bloom Enterprise Seeks To Encourage An Inclusive South African Society. Bloom is a social enterprise, committed to building an inclusive South African society through promoting sustainable social- and behavioural change, specialising in the Thinking Environment. It is the company’s philosophy that only by creating spaces for authentic thinking and listening, will it be able to contribute towards creating an inclusive South African society.

Bloom creates safe spaces in which biases may be confronted and thinking transformed. The company’s work is around the transformation of thought about itself and others, which it believes is the only starting point on the journey to real inclusion. Bloom Enterprise focuses on inclusion as a way of being to realise authentically inclusive teams and organisations. It makes training and intervention sessions for its client’s unique needs, context, and objectives. Upon completion of its sessions and based on its outcome, it offers strategic advice and guidance on the embedding of the inclusivity journey that effectively starts when participants leave the room.

The company’s vision is to facilitate the transformation of thought in order to build an inclusive and equitable South Africa. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for responsible and active citizenry, by using what is within its power to level the playing field. Bloom Enterprise was founded by Lidia Rauch, after eight years in professional politics, she decided to enter the world of social entrepreneurship.

Lidia loves working with diverse groups, where difference is embraced, and fresh thinking is produced.  She is an accredited facilitator and coach of the Thinking Environment and uses the Thinking Environment methodology and principles in every aspect of her work. Lidia believes that only by creating spaces for people to think for themselves, as their authentic selves, will it be able to transform the way people understand the world and their place within it.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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