This New 2021 Alfa Romeo GTV Is Set To Compete Against The BMW M4

This New 2021 Alfa Romeo GTV Is Set To Compete Against The BMW M4. Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo has delivered promising news about the 2021 GTV. While the sports coupe demonstrates Alfa Romeo’s renowned commitment to designing an impressive exterior, the car also has new technological features.

The name of this coupe- GTV- is short for Gran Turismo Veloce. Translated into English as Fast Grand Touring, the GTV will replace the long-gone Alfetta GTV coupe. Alfa Romeo lovers get to enjoy great news: Production is on a roll, as the company will release a Spider that will replace the 105-series Giulia Spider 18 months after they debut the 2021 GTV.

This car is all about elegance and sophistication. Alfa Romeo continues to show how their cars intend to make a statement. The two-doored GTV is a bright red colour and has futuristic-looking LED taillights. Its signature headlights bear resemblance to the Giulia, the company’s classic sedan. This sports coupe will be lower, and the length will be decreased. This design places the Alfa Romeo GTV in competition with the Audi RS5, the BMW M4, and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

The attractive exterior of the GTV is only one of the features that can make this car an Italian success story. Drivers will notice a convenient touch screen inside that can now pull up Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Four passengers fit inside, and there’s an automated brake. You can additionally expect the interior to look similar to the Giulia: The GTV’s console has a practical arrangement with revised controls.

The interior has comfortable leather seats and a finish evidently seen in racing cars. This reveals the impact the company has on consumers: Passengers feel at ease in such an inviting car, while also feeling inspired to test the car’s acceleration potential.

The sports coupe is a mover and shaker when it comes to acceleration: A 503 horsepower means the GTV can go 62 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds, as drivers will have a lively ride that their adventure-seeking friends will envy. The classic rear-wheel-drive remains. Buyers can also choose a rear-biased-all wheel drive that will deliver outstanding traction.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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